Oktober 29, 2011

Define Me Success

What is success? People says it depends on ur point of view. My friend says, "Success for me is,,, There are several aspects, that have to be completed for it. First, good job, good salary. If you have a good job, a good salary, automatically you can accomplish your needs and being independent. You can develope and actualize yourself in a line with affording what you want. Second, a good health. You have everything but u r sick. That's nonsense. Third, a good relationship. You have good job, good salary, and u are healthy, but u r alone. What a pity! U can't share ur happiness with people you love. Your family, your friend, or or partner. Maybe u can focus this one to a life-partner. So, for me success is when u can accomplish all those things in your life. How about you?"

For me success is...

Well, actually i still can't define what success is.

So far, success for me is when you can say enough and be thankfull for what you have and achieve. You love ur everyday life and always be positive and happy. You are not jelaous of what others have and achieve.

That is success for me...

...so far.

*image from google image search